Positioning paper

First published October 2007 — soft launch

Editorial concept — to act as a witness and commentator to the unrelenting change taking place in both hemispheres mdash; and the implications such change will have upon individual continents, the global community and the planet. To scrutinise how governments of both rich and poor countries are affected, and the continuing impact upon the environment through the 21st century. Politically neutral — the reader is the judge.

Editorial mission — to bridge the information and understanding divide between the developed countries and the developing countries.

Editorial coverage — focuses on business, politics, relationships social & cultural, global trends, innovation & development, travel & tourism.

Target audience — the magazine aims to become essential reading for opinion leaders & opinion moulders in the state, private and NGO sectors, as well as senior decision makers in transnational & global trade.

Sphere of influence — global

Distribution — the publication is currently available in over 50 countries. The magazine is available by subscription, newsstands or online. Eurozone cover price is € 400. Circulation expansion, market by market, continues apace.

Print order — 70,000 copies. This figure is targeted to rise to 100,000 within two years.

Mission Statement

"North-South" is a new monthly magazine focusing on emerging markets. The magazine is a new initiative in global publishing aimed at providing expert opinion on politics, business, IT & telecommunications, Science, innovation, environment, travel and tourism, sport and entertainment.

North-South will maintain the values of accuracy, editorial independence, impartiality, while balancing a wide diversity of views.

Reflecting the vibrant and exciting prospects offered by the developing world, each month North-South will provide a new and unique perspective into new exciting developments and opportunities.

The publication attempts to make readers aware of the growing divide between rich and poor countries and dispel misunderstanding by learning about one another′s cultures, social structures, economic backgrounds and political systems and communicate more accurate pictures of societies.

By insisting on common values and principles, our monthly intends to contribute to building a strong, lasting and beneficial bridge and partnership between the developed and the developing worlds based on trust, understanding and respect.

Drawing on their expertise in the field, members of the editorial team will be targeting influential decision makers from the world of politics, international business and finance as well as top decision makers from Governments and NGO′s all with deep interest and involvement in the affairs of the regions covered especially in the huge growth potential of the developing world. Modern in style and outlook, strong on analysis with a wider international perspective, North-South is available by subscription, online or in print.

The degree of our success will be measured not by the number of readers worldwide but most importantly by how far we can influence and understand each other to enhance sustainable relationships between rich and poor countries and how the partnerships that flow from that commitment would benefit millions of people all over the world.

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