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[Published: Sunday May 20 2018]

 Cuba plane company 'had safety complaints'

HAVANA 20 May (ANA) - The Mexican charter company whose plane crashed in Cuba on Friday, killing 110 people on board, had received prior safety complaints, two-ex pilots say.
One of the pilots described how a plane rented from Damojh airlines had dropped off radar completely some eight years ago. Another alleged poor maintenance.
Mexican authorities say they will carry out a safety audit of the company.
Three women survived the crash near Havana airport - Cuba's deadliest air disaster in more than 30 years.
Separately, it was revealed that 10 Protestant evangelical priests and their wives were among the crash victims.
Cuban authorities have launched an investigation into the crash, as rescuers continue to comb through the wreckage site some 20km (12 miles) south of the Cuban capital.
One of two "black boxes" that hold key flight data and information about what happened to the plane has been recovered and is said to be in good condition.(ANA)
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